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All Access: Dominic Lewis - Episode 2 (January 9, 2017) *Video Interview Available

September 15, 2017

[Watch the video interview on our YouTube Channel]

It's 10pm at Remote Control Productions, the clock is ticking, and composer Dominic Lewis has to make the finishing touches on his score for The Man In The High Castle: Season 2. Join us on this episode of All Access where we take a completely different approach by simply watching Dom work his magic. Get an amazing and unprecedented look as we sit down next to Dom in the final hours before the score is delivered, and get a first-hand look at the mammoth undertaking of writing a score for a rich and detailed TV series like The Man In The High Castle. Dom plays host and will entertain you with his charm and wit as he goes through his thought process and workflows in an All Access episode that is sure to delight and educate in equal measure.

Interview Produced & Presented By:
Kaya Savas

Special Thanks:
Dominic Lewis
Daniel Futcher