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All Access: Jeff Rona - Episode 1 (June 15, 2016) *Video Interview Available

September 15, 2017

[Watch the video interview on our YouTube Channel]

For this episode of All Access, we sit down with the amazing Jeff Rona for a deep conversation about his career, his projects and the current state of the industry. Jeff talks us through his early beginnings and how he gained experience as a ghost writer for composers, we candidly discuss the ghost writing process and his views on the helpfulness of it to young composers. We discuss White Squall, which was Jeff's first big score and how nervous he was when he had to present music to Ridley Scott. We also discuss The Regatta Suite, which Jeff composed for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and the journey behind it. We also go into great detail with Jeff's current score to Season 2 of Powers, which is available on the Playstation Network. The conversation of superheroes pops up, and why they are relevant in today's pop culture. We dive into all those topics and more with one of the best and most versatile composers working today. Enjoy!

Interview Produced & Presented By:
Kaya Savas

Special Thanks:
Jeff Rona
Kelly Seal