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All Access: Jeff Russo (December 14, 2015) *Video Interview Available

September 15, 2017

[Watch the video interview on our YouTube Channel]

On this "All Access" we sit down with Fargo composer Jeff Russo to examine his process and approach to scoring in intricate detail. Jeff tells us some wild stories about his initial path as a singer/songwriter and how that eventually led him to film and TV composing. We look into his work for Fargo specifically and what his approach for Season 2 was as he collaborated with show runner Noah Hawley. Jeff shares many amazing memories from his time on the road including a special moment that sticks in his mind more than any other. We also discuss juggling multiple projects at once, and what Jeff likes to do outside the studio when he has free time. Enjoy another supremely entertaining and informative episode of All Access with one of the best composers working in television.

Interview Produced & Presented By:
Kaya Savas

Special Thanks:
Jeff Russo
Jana Davidoff
Andrew Cohen