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Composer Interview: Brian McOmber (June 9, 2017)

September 15, 2017

Brian McOmber's voice as a composer is unique, but he has followed a similar path by coming from the world of being part of a band and now being in a career as a composer. Brian is the former drummer of the band Dirty Projectors, and now has built up a collaborative relationship with director Trey Edward Shults. Brian discusses his work on Trey's first feature titled Krisha, and now how he approached scoring It Comes At Night. Brian explains how he built the very layered and atmospheric score, and how he knows when a piece is finished when writing in that style. Brian talks about his background as a drummer and how he applied that to his skills as a composer. Brian's path to composing is an inspiring one, and he shares all the ins and outs of how he started his unexpected career as a film composer.

Interview Produced & Presented By: Kaya Savas

Special Thanks: Brian McOmber Terra Lopez Terrorbird Media