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All Access: Atli Örvarsson (September 4, 2017)

September 15, 2017

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On this episode of All Access we sit down with composer Atli Örvarsson whose journey to becoming a composer started all the way back home when he was a young boy in Iceland. We discuss Atli's career journey and some of the great projects he's been a part of. Atli talks about starting out working for the great Mike Post and getting his start writing music for classic shows like NYPD Blue and Dragnet. Atli talks about how he was introduced to Hans Zimmer and how that phase of his life took him into an amazing world of working on big budget Hollywood films, and all the challenges that came with it. Topics such as approach, structure and different genre scoring are discussed using examples from scores like Stuart Little 3, Vantage Point, A Single Shot, The Edge Of Seventeen, Chicago Fire, The Hitman's Bodyguard and much more. Atli also shares the personal story of scoring Rams, which was an Icelandic movie that filmed on location in the village where his mother was born. It was a return to Atli's roots in many ways. Here Atli also talks about how he and his wife decided to move back to Iceland, and how he balances his home life in Iceland and part of his work life still in Los Angeles. Atli is one of the most kindest and talented composers, and his life journey and career are an inspiration. It was great chatting with Atli again and to have him as a guest on All Access was even a greater pleasure.

Interview Conducted By: Kaya Savas

Special Thanks: Atli Örvarsson Chandler Poling Adrianna Perez White Bear PR