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All Access: Brian Tyler - Episode 2 (July 15, 2017)

September 15, 2017

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Brian Tyler (and his cat, KC) join us for another All Access as we catch up on his latest scores, plus dive deep into some fascinating topics. Brian recalls his first jobs ever from starting in construction and finally working his way up into the industry. He dove in by doing coverage on scripts no one had time to do, and learned filmmaking from the ground up before finding his path in film music. We discuss typecasting in the film music industry and how Brian as a composer has had to escape genre typecasting many times in his career. Brian discusses working with the late Bill Paxton and the friendship that they shared, and even shows us the very same piano that Brian used to play his themes on for Bill. We also discuss how to keep a score from falling apart if the edit of the movie changes, and Brian shares some examples from The Mummy including re-writing the main character's theme and replacing it throughout the score in 1 weekend. We talk about composing for ensemble casts, and where the unifying theme comes from on scores such as Power Rangers and The Fate Of The Furious. We also delve deep into music psychology and why Brian got his Master's Degree in Philosophy at Harvard, and how he applies that to what he does in life. Brian is truly one of the most fun, talented and smartest composers working today and his conversations are always a blast!

Interview Conducted By: Kaya Savas

Special Thanks: Brian Tyler Jeff Sanderson Chasen & Company Ave-Marie London KC (Brian's cat)