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All Access: Harry Gregson-Williams (February 15, 2016) *Video Interview Available

September 15, 2017

[Watch the video interview on our YouTube Channel]

Film.Music.Media: All Access is honored to welcome Harry Gregson-Williams as our guest. Harry has carved a path for himself in the industry by building one of the most unique sonic styles as a composer, and crafting some iconic working relationships with top directors. We discuss Harry's beginnings in England and how he went to a boarding school to be trained in a children's choir. As he grew older he found himself working with composer Richard Harvey, which led to a phone call from a German composer named Hans. Beyond his journey to the United States and setting up shop with Hans Zimmer then branching out on his own, we discuss in detail many of the approaches with the different directors Harry has worked with including the late Tony Scott. Harry talks about his love for teaching and why he decided to shutdown his mega studio and scale it back to a home studio to be near his family, and we also get an official word if he is scoring Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant or not. Harry is one of the true auteur composers working today and his sound is instantly recognizable, getting to sit down and experience his charm in person was a true joy.

Interview Produced & Presented By:
Kaya Savas

Special Thanks:
Harry Gregson-Williams
Stephanie Economou