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All Access: Steve Jablonsky (July 18, 2017)

September 15, 2017

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The one and only Steve Jablonsky joins us for a fantastic All Access interview. We sit down and Steve shares his unique path to film scoring as he grew up in the Los Angeles area, and was surrounded by film from an early age. He tells the story of how he he phoned up Hans Zimmer's studio to see if they needed any assistant work and how he ended up working for Harry Gregson-Williams for a few years, and through that he learned the business from the ground up. We discuss the early days of working on massive films like Armageddon and Bad Boys II as an additional composer, and how Michael Bay hired him to score The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake based off of great recommendations. Steve shares fun and inspiring stories from many of his scores such as The Island, Pain & Gain, Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon, all the Transformers films, Steamboy, D-War, Gears Of War 2 and Desperate Housewives. We also discuss Steve's process for thematic writing and how he approaches certain films from different genres. Steve is one of the kindest and most talented composers working in the industry, and his versatility has been displayed in almost every genre. It was such an honor to have Steve return as a guest on Film.Music.Media, this time for this wonderful All Access interview.

Interview Conducted By: Kaya Savas

Special Thanks: Steve Jablonsky Jeff Sanderson Chasen & Company Lori Castro