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Composer Interview: Gabriele Ciampi (Hybrid)

October 25, 2018

Gabriele Ciampi is a classically trained composer who has blended more modern sensibilities into his work. But even with all the modern technologies at a composer's disposal, he still insists on starting with a pencil and paper.

Gabriele studied composition at the prestigious St. Cecilia Music Conservatory. He also attended the Film Scoring Certificate Program at UCLA where he studied composition and orchestration.

He has written and directed the music for the performance of “A Christmas Carol” in 2012 in Moscow (in cooperation with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra) and in 2013 at the Parco della Musica Auditorium in Rome, where he was awarded the Italian Excellence Medal by the Senate of the Republic of Italy.

In 2014 he released an album titled “The Minimalist Evolution”, which was then performed in concert in Los Angeles and Rome.

Gabriele also had the distinct pleasure of being personally requested by Michele Obama to be a performer during the annual Holiday Open Houses at The White House.

For this interview we talk about Gabriele's journey to becoming a renowned concert composer as well as his work in film composition. Gabriele also discusses his new album "Hybrid", which sees the composer really meshing his classical sensibilities with modern stylings.

Interview Produced & Presented by Kaya Savas

Special Thanks: Gabriele Ciampi, Bobbi Marcus, Bobbi Marcus PR