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Composer Interview: Nathaniel Levisay (April 16, 2015)

September 15, 2017

Composer Nathaniel Levisay takes some time to speak about his newest score to The Toy Soldiers; a film that follows a group of teens in the 1980's over the course of one night. Nathaniel talks about his upbringing and how he discovered his love for music and eventually film scoring. We chat about his work on the film, and how he approached scoring a period film where the music of the time was so iconic in its sound. From what sparks the first note to being inspired by colors, we chat about how the score was meant to function in The Toy Soldiers. Nathaniel discusses the challenges and the rewards of working on a picture like this, and reflects on how growing up in the 80's allowed him to connect to it. Nathaniel Levisay has quickly established a unique voice in the industry, and has demonstrated a masterful hand when it comes to scoring films. His diverse range of scores have also quickly established his versatility amongst genres. It was a true pleasure to dig into his process.

Interview Conducted By:
Kaya Savas

Special Thanks:
Nathaniel Levisay
Zach Tow
Howlin' Wolf Records