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Dean DeBlois & John Powell (Director & Composer: How To Train Your Dragon Trilogy)

May 10, 2019

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**SPOILER WARNING**: This interview contains spoilers for the entire How To Train Your Dragon trilogy.

Writer/director Dean DeBlois and composer John Powell went on an immense 10-year journey together when they embarked on the first How To Train Your Dragon movie over a decade ago.

Now, the trilogy has been completed with a beautiful 3-act structure that has given us three films filled to the brim with beautiful and emotionally resonating storytelling.

Now, for a truly special All Access, we are joined by both Dean and John for an unforgettable conversation about the filmmaking process. We dive into all 3 movies starting from the beginning. Learn about how both Dean and John approached their different roles, and how they worked together.

Other topics include the overall animation process, working with temp scores, working within a PG rating but still pushing boundaries in storytelling, finding themes, finding the look and tone of the films, where inspiration comes from, how to know when something is working vs not working, how to handle sequels, and so much more. This entire interview is an immense exploration into filmmaking and storytelling, and should not be missed.

So pour some wine, pull up a chair, and join Dean and John for a conversation full of laughs, surprises and much more in this in-depth exploration of the filmmaking process, the director/composer relationship, and why we love to tell stories through images and music.

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